Extra information fore the video’s on my youtube of the “endgame”. 12 march 2018

Extra information fore the video’s about my crazy awakening-ride afther a DNA-ICUC crankup.

In the video’s i made who are contectec to this video, i promisd you to give you the links.
To be fair, am draind at the moment becouse it was a hell of a ride so i put it all togheter fore you in this artikel.
The photo’s, the links and rest of the information.

unboxing Jay Essex book, remotevieuwing Jacob Rothchild, Contact spiritguides.
15 june 2017

Are they turning the planet into a robot? What about the Van Allen Belt? 5G network.
26 june 2017

Weard J’Arae card Is it referring to another dimension. Tilted card.
19 jul. 2017

What would happen if we stayed on the negative timeline?
10 okt. 2017

When a Gayan-spirit freaks out, meet Crystal.
24 nov. 2017

Lilly, Alice and unicornenergy? Part 1
12 dec. 2017

Lilly, Alice and unicornenergy. Part 2
12 dec. 2017

Torture Chamber of creation.
13 dec. 2017

Inside of the torture chamber in creation.
16 dec. 2017

The fear of old source.
19 dec. 2017

Lilly is angry and interveaning more and more.
19 dec. 2017

Karma is wearing overalls and is rewarding positive karma.
23 dec. 2017

My 35 birthday and THE milestone in my life.
22 jan. 2018

My toughtprosses about the basic-chakra.
6 feb. 2018

Nicola Tesla was misunderstood in his information about vibration?
13 feb. 2018

Happy Valentines Day, The hart -female energy- is coming back.
14 feb. 2018

Biggest fear is in our basic chakra.
17 feb. 2018

Jay Essex have got “Multi Personality Disorder”??? When “Disability” is really an “Ability”.
17 feb. 2018

How a psychoses can be triggered by dairy, stress, pain and metaphysical ability’s going nuts.
26 feb. 2018

Triggervideo: How unawareness of others can create chaos…read destriptionbox first!!
26 feb. 2018

Ragnarök is today and the end of the world… Or is it? Between Odin and Loki?
1 mrt. 2018

Testing the field: How will it responds with misophonia, pedophilia and protection of children?
2 mrt. 2018

Forget everything about gender orientation. Creation is coming out of the closet.
2 mrt. 2018

New Psychology and healthcare: Understanding hybrid-dna and ability’s gone nuts.
4 mrt. 2018

8 March 2018 International Womansday, Lilly wants you to have some humor.
9 mrt. 2018

Buildup of stress in the last 3 months. My energy started to freak out (again).
9 mrt. 2018