Gaia has a split personality. Multi Personality Disorder. 6 march 2018

The MKultra that is going on in the whole of creation is more than we can understand.
The abuse in creation was so bad, that it is not limited to this planet, but to multiple planets and spread out over the full of creation.

With an MKultra personality we know here in humans, we know they have a split personality that can express them self in mutable ways.
This trade in humans, is something that we can pull into different directions to even planets.
Planets are abused like crap to by dead source and all the abuse left its mark on everything and everybody.

With Gaia the abuse is to worse.
She identifies with different genders and that would be a clue already that something is up.
In a natural way, without the abuse would a change in gender orientation not be a problem.
It’s the abuse and the split in personality’s that makes it different.

A hidden clue to is that we see the core of this planet as a crystal.
A shard of a crystal represents another personality.
Alto Gaia could have a crystal core (i am not sure about it, but let’s keep that one in the middle as a possibility) the way we talk about the crystal-core of the planet is confusing.
We talk about multiple layers from dolphin layers, wall layers, tree layers, air layers and more layers.
By itself a good way to know the difference, but it is a hidden way of control to make sure we see everything in boxes.
Because we think in boxes, we do have some control over the planet.

The most of us see only the part of the planet we walk on.
We don’t even think about the roots of a tree who are growing in the ground.
All we see is the part of the tree that is above the ground.
Clouds is something that we only see from the bottom.
We see clouds from the underside and barely from the upper side or inside when we are in an air plain.

We can help break the MKultra programming of the planet by looking with new eye’s to the world.
To break the illusion, all we need to do is become aware of it and expand our limited vision.
Have you ever given any thoughts about the root of a tree?
Or the foundation of a house in the soil?

Did you even know that there are rivers flowing in the planet?
Rivers don’t only flow on the surface, but they to flow in the planet.
In those underground rivers life other life to like fish, plants and more underwater life.
There are underground caves in where other mammals live we are not even aware off.
And more and more underground humanoids show themselves to us in order to give us an understanding that there is more life on the planet than only what we learn on school.

So alto Gaia has a split personality, she can be helpt by us to become yourself.

Another thing you all need to know is the bluntness of the Federation around the planet.
The Federation is not all sweet as it might sound on channeling.
Most of them try to do good, but the Federation got there fair share of abuse to hardcore with MKultra.

To give you an example of a weird and twisted situation that happened was when one of the ships of the Federation was sending energy into a cloud to make a thunderstorm.
What this ship did not do, was to ask permission from the planet to make this thunderstorm.
It is like when you probe an animal, it will flinch from the electricity.

When the planet is doing it herself, it is a different story and then we are talking about nature by herself.
But at the moment, Gaia is not herself.

She even feels this as here normal and even the pain that comes with it is here normal.
She confuses pain fore pleasure.
Can you understand that when even a planet is so fuckt up that a planet is confusing pain fore pleasure?
We got a serious problem here in creation.

The ship of the federation who is alive herself, is numb to.
The caretaker of the ship is numb and thinks it is normal to do this to a planet.
The captain of the ship has the understanding that this is to normal in life.

So even the numbness is normal fore a part of the federation.
There are so manny good harts whiting the federation, but not all of them are in the right spot.
Quickly there will be a good change in where the ones with the right hart will be put into the right place.
So that to the federation will change quick into the good one.

It is something that Arae wants, to have the right ones into place so that things can go into the right direction.