Inside the “torture chamber of creation.” 16 December 2017

In creation there was a special place that i have no words fore.
The abuse was so hard that i call it “the torture chamber of creation”.

Almost nobody is aware of this place and it is already gone.
Cleand up, deleted and gone away from creation.

Spirits were sometimes pulled out of there body by an unknown force.
You are chatting one moment with somebody and a fraction of a second later, are you out of your body via energetic tentacles.

If you can imagine how a sea-anemone looks like, you will get an impression of it.
The sea-annemoon is a harmless creature, but it is something to compare it with.
(A part of this is what you can find back in the history of ships on the ocean.
There are legends going around from tentacles coming from the ocean, in where the ship got pulled to the bottom of the ocean.)

This dimension was built by old source to abuse even more the crap out of some spirits.
(White spirits i talk about everything from plants, planets, suns, animals, soul, essence, source…you name it? It has been there.)
Whit the destruction of old source, there was no need for this anymore and it got deleted.
You take all the abuse out in any way you need to and even collapse dimensions.

After a spirit was pulled out of there body, it got suckt/puld into this dimension and put into an closed up orb to contain the spirit.
In there, a lot of energy was pusht on the spirit to abuse the crap out of it and to turn the spirit into submission.
Old source loved it if they could turn a spirit into a abuse-machine.
The less they have to do, they more they could lean back and enjoy the praise.

Some of the most powerful spirits in creation and smaller ones, turned bad because of this abuse.
There heart and spirit was broken down and turned them into zombie-spirits.
But the fortitude and passion in there spirit was stronger than this and most of them turned back into a spirit who can feel compassion and love again.
(To understand this, it would be informative to read the artikel about the “Loki-energie” in where this artikel will explain it better to you than i can explain in a short tekst here in this artikel.)

How is a torture-orb looks like?
I can not explain it to you in energetic form, but i will try to explain it to you in a 3d way that we can understand.

You can see the full pickture of the end of this artikel.

Imagine yourself a large glass tube.
Nothing, but absolutely nothing can break this glass tube that is big enough to surround your spirit.
Or you just come compressed into a glass tube just like you are pushed into a body.

-There is a hard push from above with heavy dark energy that you might could compare with the negative energy orb that source took out of themselves first and later made Lucifer to keep an eye on that field.
Imagen energie and intention even darker than that field, and that is placed in the glass tube.
Darker than dark, darker than you can imagine..beyond your limit because it is to hard to understand.
-From the side there is a lightning energy that can cut a soul so hard that you cannot even imagine it.
It will make a soul scream out of compleat pain.
-Solid energy is put into the tube to create more chaos.
If you would to be a source-member it creates more chaos because they carry all frequencies in them and they would bond with the solid energy.
-In the bottom there is a small escape-corner, but no matter how hard you try, you can not get out.
It is to create false hope.
(Give them enough hope to keep going, but not to much in where they can see a way out.)
Wow, one way to create even more stress and frustration.
-EM energy of electric fields in the tube to stress the spirit even more.
-A special dark black energy, adjusted to the personal frequencies of the spirit to make it feel that the soul is cut into smaller parts.
***New mix this all together and you have a living HELL.

New take it up a step and imagine that this is not happening in the second dimension.
But it is shattered into multiple subdimensions.
Imagen a minimum of 300 sub dimensions within this glass tube to scatter the spirit with all the abuse.
The small particles of the spirit, jump to from sub-dimension to sub-dimension within the orb to find a way out of the pain in complete chaos.

Can you imagine this?
This is to hard to understand and almost no spirit can remember this because…well…it is to hard.

The spirit in the glass tube is broken down, shattered and compleat lost.
Num, no will to live and compleat broken down.

It depended from how hard old source wanted to abuse you.
Some came out with less damage but some came out lifeless.
(Even more broken down than the Loki i spoke over before this and we can understand this to when you know about how an MK ultra slave is broken down.
How they turn into a biological robot.)

So white a complete numb spirit, it is easy to program them and to turn them into abuse-machines.
No thinking and just compleat numbness into submission.
In where the zombi-spirit did abuse others.
Lucky enough the most of these spirits, came back to life after some time.
(Just as a MK ultra program begins to break around 30 years old.)
They carry more fortitude and love in them, in what made there spark come back to life again.

Can you imagine the horror of waking up as a spirit again? Remembering what you have done?
And you need to live with this fore the rest of your life?

This is what creates a spirit to break apart and when you lose a part of yourself.
It depends from the spirit how fast it happens and there is nobody who you need to blame, not even yourself, fore when this happens.
It can happen to everybody in many ways when you have too much pain…in or out of a body.

In where it is a natural biological function of the brain to put painful memories away so that you can keep going in life, when you abuse this natural funcion, you create gaos.
It is helpful when you have an accident and you can not remember it later during life in a body.
And when you are out of a body, you can remember it.

Remember what i told you all before in the other artikel about the “Loki-energy”.
“Can you imagine to be so tortured that you can not find some peace in your own mind to keep you into a constant state of pure chaos?”

You swing out when somebody else is hurting you in where it triggers you from a past life memory.
Ever wondered why you react as you do? Even when the control is gone new?
It triggers a past life memory, you are not aware of and you swing out.
Is this person to blame from swinging out? Not really as you look at the past of somebody and look deeper into the story.

So when you know this and not all of us had this kind of abuse.
You start to understand why some humans swing out from certain parts of there mind.
If they are aware of it or not.


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