11-january-2019 What Omega-men can learn from Alpha-men to get the girl. (Woman suck in not knowing what they are doing to men.)

Omega-men are the bottem-men who have big time troubles in to finding a woman.
But what if there is a way to bring youre chances up?

Most Alpha-men are stupid and get it from there looks.
Beta-men are runners up and have it party from there looks too.
But!!! When you start to understand that you can become an alpha-man yourself, without loosing yourself…you would get a woman.

What do you need?
Intelligents makes a man sexy.
When you start to improve youre knowledge and youre intellect you show youre hidden attribute…youre brain.
I am NOT talking about IQ, but i am talking about humor and fun.
Lets not focus in getting in here pants, but to find a real partner fore the rest of youre life.
And the sense of humor that men have.
A good fartjoke is going a looong way.

Develop yourself and you can go a long way.

*Move youre body*
A stiff men is a boring men.
Take dansingclasses in anything you want.
Most woman love dancing.
And when a man looks limber, his chances of creating healthy offspring are bigger.
So move youre hips and learn some dancing.
Benefit of dansingclasses is that there is a lack of men.
So when you want to dance with a woman, woman will line up fore you.

Shake those hips and climb on the ladder.

*Study the alpha-male*
What makes an alpha-male more attractive?
When you learn how the game is played by alpha-men, you as an omega-men can get a girl too.
Its not about looks, but taking care of youre body.

*Know youre worth*
Youre a freaking MAN, start acting like one.
I do understand that you have been beaten down by somanny woman, turned down and brunt down that you gave up on woman.
You can give up on woman, but do not give up on love.
Love is more then only a relationship between a man and a woman.
A man with a pet is sharing love too.
Pets give us a reason to live and love fore.
Love is more then just sex.
What most woman are forgetting is that Omega-men understand the gentle side better then Alpha-men.
A real alpha or beta-woman would NEVER put an omega-men down.
But most woman are bitches and put men down in order to feel better.
(I am PRO-genderequality..but then both sides so let me explain to you as a woman, what kind of bitches we can be.)

Youre a MAN and not a pussy.
There is a big call to find real men back again.
New you as an omega-men come into the perfect picture, because you are the kind of man a woman is really looking fore.
It might sound stupid, but know youre worth.
Understand the game.

Let me give you a good tip.
Woman look fore an Alpha-male to make baby’s.
But they want an omega-man to raise the kids with.
So because you are softer, a woman with kids is more easy to score then a woman without kids.

Grow the fuck up woman.
You only look at Alpha-males and forget about the great men in omega-men.
Sorry omega-men, this one is in youre defense.
I HATE IT that woman only look at looks and not at who you are inside.
Woman are just as superficial as men are…we dont look beyond the skin and want a man with the perfect looks.
WOMAN>>>>>>GROW UP!!!!
That is why i say to men…..know youre worth and how simple & stupid woman really are.

*Woman get under youre skin*
If you are in a relationship, a man is to the point.
But a woman can manipulate (and you have seen this game more then once in youre life.)
We can give a reaction that will not sink in on the spot, but later when you think about it….troubles.
She said something that is crawling under youre skin and makes you explode later again.
This is the creepy way how a weak woman is working in a psychological way.
Weak woman suck, but still they seem to find a guy.
Yes and sadly is this reality in where the children are going to be screwed up.
Do you want a real woman or a weak woman?
Sight…when i look at radical feminist, then i wonder where the real woman are.
Some are really screwing up and starting acting like a dude in an unclassy way.
(I know how men love it, when a woman is acting like a dude to make a point but there is a way between the classy way and the trashy way.)

*Woman suck*
Gender-equality the whole way.
Why are men trasht by the female-revolution?
Men love it when a woman is working with them and she acts like one of the dude’s.
But men are put down new as the weaker ones of society, while in reality a real feminist would build to a better world fore real gender-equality.
That is NOT gender-equaltiy, that is trashing the other.

Men LOVE it when a woman is fighting in what woman are good at.
Taking care of the children, homeless humans, addicted humans, and the rest of humans who are in troubles.
If a fundraiser is needed or a building needs to be made, then men will show up to build one.
Men like to work with the hands and understand the art of talking.
So when men do what men are good at & woman do what woman are good at = a way better society.
And then everything in between of gay, lesbian, gender fluid and pansexual are all welcome.

So yes…woman suck in where they let omega-men rot in there own dirt.
I dont think in Alpha- Beta- or Omega-humans…but i look at the hart of somebody.
And then i find way better harts and honest men between Omega-men then Alpha-men who suck anyway.
Because Omega-men have been beaten down in life, they understand life way better and will take better care of there woman then an Alpha-man who can get almost every woman.
That is something most woman are forgetting (and i like to flip everything upside down to show a different side of the story.)
So yes….again…woman suck even more then men.

Woman scream they want a man who is soft, caring and loving but they forget to look around at real Omega-men who can be more caring then an Alpha-men.
Do you want to know something screwed up?
Most asshole men who screw it up fore the rest of men…are Alpha-males.
Most rapist are Alpha-males and they know they can get away with it.
Because they can get close to a girl and get then a drink at the bar, they can slip something in the drink of a woman and rape the woman later.

Its good that men discover the softer side in them, but it starts with raising up of a boy from birth.
Its seen as wrong fore a boy to play with dolls, while in reality its good fore a boy to play with a doll because that makes them better dad’s later.
And from the other side, its the mom who says that the body who is crying need to suck it up because youre a boy.
Woman lucky start to understand that a boy needs to cry when he fals down or is sad.
Because storing all that stress up, is creating only agression-troubles later in life.

So men….know youre worth and youre grace.
There is more to life then the Bitch in youre life.
Its youre choice.
Do you want a Bitch or a real Woman?

In this whole article i am talking about the inside and not about the outside.
Man an woman come in all shapes and forms, all personality’s and all levels.
Its NOT about the outside, but the inside and how youre hart is.