Music Industry and source. 6 March 2018

Source and source members contain more than just 2 spirits who are in charge of the place to keep a health balance.
Source got kids and some are source to and others are source members.
In this article i call everybody in this article, and i will try to explain in another article who it all works.
But the book that i had that explained it (Jay Essex: Creation: Its Beginning and Your Origin: Who We Are and Where We Came from) was stolen from me.
So when i can i need to re-order it fore better information.

In the music industry you see a lot of humans who look more like strippers.

This is no coincidence.
The sensuality of source is different.
They are older then souls so more experience in this with many more lives.
It is not the nudity that offends me, its about that even baby’s and toddlers grow up with images like this and think it is normal.
It creates hypersexualisation with children.
Personal i have no problems with strippers, it is the target group that see images like this…children.

First lets take a look at sensuality…what is sensuality?
Sensuality is a deeper fore of expression from love.
A more mature expression that has been developt with time and experience.
But it sure can bring out the crazy side to.
Its the expression of a deeper love between humans and animals.
The love fore nature.
The bound between a parent and child.
And so on and on.

Sensuality is an expansion of the feelings that we can have in our body’s.
You get a stronger and deeper emotional connection between 2 persons (who can be tree’s and animals to) that creates a bound so deep that even telepathy is extra strong between the 2 persons.
It is not limited to 2 persons, it can be a big group even to that contains fore more than 1000 persons.
It enhances youre metaphysical ability’s and can push you in a good way, deeper in youre spirit than you have ever thought before.
It to brings calmness to the spirit and brings out the hidden parts of you.
That can be anything from art to crazy wisdom.

The part in where it is going wrong in the music industry are the hidden contracts, the MK ultra abuse from birth (and even before birth and many generations back) the abuse during a life.
The drugs, the sexual abuse and rape, the way an alter in them can rape another person, the way there music is abused to rape others.
(When a song is made, the music alone already that can be running in the background is enough to send the rape-feelings to the singer of the song in an unconscious way.)
And via the sex-magic connection they can control the musicians in multidimensional levels.
Via clone-body’s can they be controld to.

Who are you really watching on TV?
The clone body in where the real person is hidden somewhere else and is abused in a hidden place or dimension (personal torture-chamber) witch constant abuse of the music and energy connection?
Or the real person?
Think about it because things can be confusing and it depends on how popular this person is.
The more popular, the more abuse.

Source in there normal state express more sensuality as you can see how Michael Jackson can cuddle a fan on stage.

The problem here is not Michael Jackson, but the MKultra sex-magic connection.
As already can be slowly seen in the music clip Ciara – Love Sex Magic ft. Justin Timberlake

One way is via water.
You can program water and the body contains a lot of water.
Or the Black-feater program that contains many more feathers.
The Black feather program is the hidden magic part of MK ultra and persons like Michael Jackson and Uri Geller are part of it.
“Monarchs of a feather” programming.

Source in a normal surrounding and without abuse can be a good addition fore souls.
Why? Source has a bigger energy field and dont mind sharing energy fore good things like healing, inspiration, feeling good about yourself, and anything else positive.
When a planet has a few source on there planet who are having a life in a body, that energy reflects to towards the planet and makes the planet stronger and more them self.
Other planets around and the sun get the same benefit.

With the abuse going on, the music industry is new turning the sensuality, into hyper sexuality and that is the wrong way of expression in the current time.
It is done with the distortion of music via the wrong frequency.
It is all focust on the basic chakra, in where good positive music have a good healthy impact on all the chakra’s.
Good music always feels good in the hart…think about that one.
Because music that is made from the hart, gets to the hart of another person.
Music that is made from other chakra’s is touching the chakra’s of another person.
With the abuse around the basic chakra, it is all going wrong.

This is not only going on in the music industry, but to in the movie-industry where persons like Jim Carry and Robin Williams are abused fore the expression of sensuality with the abuse behind it.
(I told you before about crazy wisdom…are you starting to get it new?)

Just only watch at any popular soap.
How many humans watch soaps because life is to boring?
By itself, TV can be a great tool fore information and expression, but the abuse and MK ultra behind it makes the whole industry sick.
There are some good programs, but even childerenprogram are made hyper sexual.

Children from a young age watch those programs and get programd to become hyper sexual from a young age that creates problems in there teen-years.

Never ever is it the intention from source went to hypersexualise anybody.
When children can express there sensuality in there own way, it can deepen the bound they have with there parents.
The expression they have in drawing, playing with friends, with animals and the love fore nature.
Even food tastes better when it is made with love fore children.

The first and initial goal of positive source was to learn souls to do this fore yourself.
That we carry this potential to in us and many have picket up on this and express them self in there own way.
They are cold “wayshowers”…and they are souls who live on there instinct and via there own way of expression, are an inspiration fore many others.

Inspirational humans on YouTube can be anything from somebody who has a channel and talks about baking, knitting, humor, vlogging or anything else.
Some are “lightbearers” and carry a lot of internal light to give inspiration to other humans.
This are souls who have learned sensuality in the healthy way and made it there own.
It is engraved in there spirit.
They had a lot of abuse in there past and flip there own script in where they want to be an inspiration fore others.

Some are trackt down as a baby and MK ultra’d from a very yung age.
Some via the metaphysical way in hidden ways, some are taken from home and some are abused in hidden ways with triggers that seem “normal” to others.

Another way to deprogram yourself, is to learn again what sensuality is.
Its a deeper form of love and expression that deepens youre feelings and energy.
And bring awareness to yourself.

I forgot to write into this tekst that the abuse was done by dead source.
To first let you enjoy the good things about it and later to torture you with it to twist the good memory’s around into negative memory’s and hidden triggers.