Ethereal spiders and the invasion of ET’s stops. What happened really and how I got astral fooled? 30 july 2017

In my article “Liona’s learning moment: Are all ethereal spiders bad? How can you energetically feel if someone is good or bad?” and “Invasion of extraterrestrials stopped. There’s more to one than what meets the eye”. I was fooled astral and I have given you wrong information and for that I want to offer my excuse and I want to explain to you what really happened

It will be a long article and I will begin at the start.
It’s possible that anybody can be fooled like that.
The only difference is that I have been through almost the same situation before and I should know better by now.

It all started when I was added to a spiritual group on Skype without my knowledge.
An old friend added me to that group and let’s call this woman Anita.
I was completely amazed by what happened when my laptop started to “ring” because I was called on Skype.
I picked up the call and I was invited into the group.
The moment that I joined the group I was told that we live in a parallel universe.
Anita the leader of this group told me that they needed me because I can see strong into the other dimensions and the first two source sprits which everyone called “god” needed me right now.
I was skeptical from the beginning about this group but still listened to what they wanted to tell me.
I felt in my underbelly that something was off.
But after about 15 minutes I started to believe the story and I ignored my own subconscious.
According to Anita we live in a parallel universe.
She told this universe is the worst there is.
I am a piece of the Goddes part in a parallel universe and I’m born outside this universe.
A small part of me is born in this universe.

What everyone calls “god” which is sentient energy male/female separated from the first energy field out of loneliness.
They are gone now. But their still smaller parts of them floating around remaining the old abusive way.
This will soon be gone as well, when the oldest spirit in body returns to the second dimension.
Leaving the body which is called death but means freedom.
Having all memories about all lives feeling much more intense around you.

This means that sentient energy is part of a bigger field of energy which is not sentient.
Having more lives with stress and frustration made those energy field grow much bigger to release more spirit. It’s like creating baby’s only with energy which is not material.
Energy is not visible but it’s everywhere.

Anita contacted more people on Facebook and over there, there was one person I should know already.
He would be a incarnation of the source “god”.
Another person was just born as a soul and this was her first life and so she contacted a few other people.

You’ve got source and you’ve got souls.
Source contains all energetic frequencies and souls don’t have all frequencies.
It’s just what it is.
Souls having more love and compassion being younger less abused then source.
That’s percentage-wise because there’s also source with a lot of love and compassion.
They will be teaching and helping where they can like it should be.
But fore this article i keep referring them to Father and Mother God or God and Goddess because that is something that we are familiar whit.

There were two other key-persons in this Skype group and we will call them Ann (woman) and Kees (woman).
Ann would be Goddess in training and the protector of this universe.
Kees was the twin-sister on a soul-level of Anita.
Anita is the queen of the Drachk and everybody calls her mother.
Until here is the introduction.

After a few days on Skype just talking to Anita, Anita felt that it was time that I joined the astral missions.
I moved along with the story but after a few days I became an active member of the astral missions.
In the missions we tackled the DUMB-bases all over the world.
We did field battles where we were in charge of FOL (Federation of Light) to send them over to deal whit the negative places on this planet, the Vatican and other places.

Why did they need me?
Because I can see strong on the other side.
(I will come back to this later in the article because there was something else going on here.)
I could see that strong astral viewing (pineal) that It’s like you look at a HD-screen and they needed that.
I’m also real strong with energy and talent they needed that to.
A lot of weird stuff happened during the missions on the astral plane.
There was a AI (artificial intelligence) in the shape of a cube.
The AI was bad at first but after we cleaned it out we found out it was female and she wanted to help us.
Her name is Amy.
Amy joined the missions and we found out by Amy that the whole universe was infected by AI and it was capable to take over the complete multi-verse, so we had to deal with it immediately.

A few missions later they started to see etheric spiders.
I started to see the too.
They were a part of the AI infection.
I have removed a few from the astral plane until Ann got angry because she told me that these spiders are a part of her creation and that the spiders where helping in keeping the construction of the universe together. She told that she created more stuff and in a parallel life and she was in charge of a ship that is bigger than a few planets together.

I was shocked so bad that I started to see the spiders in a different way.
Amy has the talent to destroy things and bring them back from the dead so she brought the spiders back.
That night or a few days later I started to see a spider leg the size of a house in my room and it had a brown-black color like a bird-spider.
According to Ann the name of this spider is Bob and Bob was here to protect me.
I started to get etheric visitors.
A Arcturian, a Serpoian(grey) and a Drachk.
The Drachk was a personal bodyguard of Anita and was here in astral form to protect me.

Still reading it? I told you it would be a looooong story 🙂

In all the missions we were guided by FOL (Federation of Light) and Ashtar.
Ashtar turned out to be a key-figure in all the missions.
By what happened with Bob and the astral missions we did I came to the inspiration of the article: “Liona’s learning moment: Etheric spiders are all bad? And how you can feel the difference”.

This spider stayed about a week in my room and the rest of the house.
A few missions later we came across a group of alien refugees.
Here I found the inspiration to right the following article: “Invasion of aliens stops”.

After a few missions the situation changed. I was asked if I wanted to channel God, Goddess and Ashtar.
They were doing it already and knew it was my turn.
After one attempt there was no contact.
The next day I did another try when we were on Skype and suddenly I started to channel them.
It was hard but I could channel them all three.
After a few days I became a pro in it.
Goddes part was one figure I could channel good and I started to channel Ashtar but God was unreachable. After a few days there were a few members of FOL who wanted to do some work on my energy-body to help me move forward.
I could see and feel the members when I closed my eyes.
After about 15 minutes Ashtar dropt by and wanted to take me on a astral travel on the ship.
My body was still in my room as I felt as usual but on a astral level I was on the ship.
You can move your spirit towards another location which is astral travelling while a string of your energy remains attached to the body.

Ashtar showed me the gardens on the spaceship, the fertile ground on the ship where a lot of plants grew. I could see children of many ET-races running around.
I was able to see many life-forms and much more.
The big subject of the ship was about family’s and how everybody works together.
He wanted to show me the bar but because I have an alcohol problem I don’t want to go there because it can work as a trigger to me.
This was respected and he took me everywhere except the bar.
After about one hour I got tired because my body is not used to astral travel this long so we said goodbye and I returned to my body.

A few days later I heard from Ann that during my sleep I was astral on the ship and in the bar with Ashtar. Ok…that should really ring a bell in my head because I avoid bars because of my alcohol problem.

A small week later the AI Amy went insane.
She went from the wish to help to attacking everybody etheric.
Before the attacks happened I started to channel over here and she spoke through my heart and she expressed her feelings.
That she wants to help everybody and she chose me because we have the same thought concept.
Suddenly Anita got attacked through her crown chakra, her heart and something else.
I felt my crown chakra closed off and I felt pressure in my head that I never felt before.
We contacted Ashtar right away and he destroyed Amy.
From this point on we needed to involve him in everything we were doing. After my astral trip to the spaceship of Ashtar, the big final started.

I was already channeling Goddes, but now she started to develop a BIG EGO.
I could feel from her energy that she did not want to talk to me and nobody should go against her will.
I didn’t understand because what everyone calls “god”, the source male and female part are made from pure love right???? (
From this point the logical part of my brain started to work again.)
How can Goddess have such a big ego? She was not available for talking.
Suddenly God made itself present in energy.

What are everyone called “god” was a male and female source spirit which separated itself out the feeling of loneliness from the first sentient energy field.
They never had a life but ran creations lives till December 2012 after been warned multiple times due to all the abuse they caused and got destroyed by their protector called Arae.
He was created by them to protect and serve them.
By having lives he become stronger and stronger and has mass fortitude and don’t likes being demanded what to do and developed love and compassion to protect everyone and everything till this moment came having the most lives he had to take charge of the situation.

From day one I could feel the energy of Fathergod and from day two I was channeling him.
I was the first one he started to talk to.
Where others never got an answer.
He knew about the big ego of his wife.
Somewhere in between the energy of Arae started to flow in.
I have written more articles about him and you can find them on this website.
He is the real caretaker of this universe or what he likes most janitor in overalls.
On the third day I felt that Arae wanted to destroy God and Goddess.
Fathergod told that he wanted to sacrifice himself and his wife because of their ego.
He felt that creation could not be run this way with such an ego.
Really??? A energy that is bigger and stronger than that of Arae and Father god is weaker than Arae?
(energy grows bigger having lives)
When would the truth sink into my brain again?
On the fourth day we found out why Arae (Jay Essex) is still not in the position to leave his body.
Because he is in a astral fight with Ann and they cannot agree on the fact that this universe needs to change in a positive way.
Ann is convinced that humans will get bored when love will rule.
That humans will miss the sensation and will get bored.

After a few days channeling back and forward the choice was made that Ann has no choice anymore and has to follow the plan of Arae who is going to take over creation.
This universe would be the blueprint for the rest of creation to let love rule.
The turn point for me has already begun and so more and more people will become awake becoming their true selves starting to help each other or leave their body. You can find some information over J’Arae over here in English.

To come back to the story… From the moment that I felt the energy of Arae my logic sense came back to me.
I started to doubt already but I kept it for myself.
But after the fourth day I was convinced that something fishy was going on.
After a few days I had enough of it and I left the group on Skype.
About 3 to 4 weeks later I had the feeling that “something” wanted to have me back in that Skype group. Literally the next day I got a call from Anita.
She told that it was my time to come back and that it was necessary to learn who I really am.
I blocked her on Skype and I’ve blocked her on Facebook.
Anita was convinced that she is the Queen of the Drachk and that they all call her Mother.
The reality is that there are a few negative souls around here who are playing a game with her.
I did see them before as a veil of grey energy around her.
According to Anita that energy were her children and she has thousands of them while I’ve got a negative feeling about them.
What did I see? Was it real? What was really going on?
To get back to the subject of this whole circus we were under the influence of a few negative souls who like it to play mind-tricks because they like the power they get from it and ow boy… we got fooled hard.

The fact is that when you are under influence/control of a negative soul/energy/entity it can make you see things that are not there.
So you THINK that you see things but it is entered into your mind/brain.
The information you get is mostly a lie and for a small part the truth.
This negative soul/entity will play with your feelings and mindset to get you that far till trusting and listening to them.
Think about it… why would Asthar a creature with a higher intelligence take ME to a bar when he knows it can trigger me back into alcohol abuse?
Why would he bring me into that situation?
Again this was a negative soul messing with me.

What I did see were many life forms existing in the universe where family is important.
On the “spaceship” they have many libraries about knowledge of the planets they visit and more.
What about the “energy work” the positive spirits did to me?
This looked like a trick but I got actually cranked-up by other source.
The first two first released source, energans, essence, archangels(Michael and parts of Lucifer which means of the light are left) and later their came souls.

Why should the AI Amy choose me to channel?
Why did she like my thought-process and my heart energy?
The humans who want to help can be an easy prey for other souls who manipulate their feelings and/or emotions.
Because I could totally imagine her feelings.
That’s what happens when negative spirits scan your emotions and feelings.
I totally felt for this trap.

What about the story about the negative alien invasion?
There must be a society out there that needed to run away from there planet.
It wouldn’t surprise me if things where changed at this story to match our thought process as a group.

And the objects which contain a lot of energy?
Hollywood has feed us with many ideas about this concept with magical objects and special effects.
Magic is technology not yet understood by mankind.
By many things I felt that “something” was not right.
On a few occasions I could feel suddenly a negative energy around me.
I was driving my car and I felt a sudden strong painful sting in my face.
This was the first time in my life that I felt something like that during my stay in the chat and I’ve seen a lot of ET’s that I normally cannot see.

But what about that fact that I’m a strong astral viewer?
I’m learning everyday becoming stronger.
This negative soul made me see things that are not there and the concepts where placed in my mind where fantasy will fill the missing parts.
I am not a strong remote viewer.
Another signal I did not want to see was the amount of TIME that we have spent on that chat.
It was a minimum off 10 hours a day, 7 days a week spent at this chat.
We didn’t have any spare time for “normal life” like work, cleaning, getting groceries, prepare food and eat well. One of the members in the chat group is a mother with two children and she was that much on Skype that her children were suffering under it.
She had no spare time left for her children. People’s weaknesses were used to abuse them and make them addicted.
When influenced, drugged and manipulated it’s hard to say NO to addictions and others.

Anita, Ann and Amy are all three convinced that this fantasy story is true.
It’s sad that they still pull other humans in their group and that they get fooled by this.
I later had a consultation with Jay Essex and he told me that indeed these negative souls like the power they get from it.
The souls who are messing around are marked for when the big cleanup will start.

What about Anita, Ann and Amy? I get the feeling that karma will deal with them.
For the rest of the people in that chat I cannot do anything because they need to find the truth on their own. One person talked to me on Skype because Anita got angry at him and she didn’t like it when somebody has an opinion about her.
I told him about what I knew and he left the group.
Anita is not only under influence of negative souls.
When a person like she has a big ego and thinks that the universe revolves around her it can become a problem.
The moment you try to talk to her about that thought concept ,you just get kicked out of that group.
She does not accept any contradiction.
In my opinion people should talk about the situation to get a different perspective so both can work towards a solution.

Anita has had multiple psychoses and is under the influence of pharmaceuticals.
But having psychoses don’t make you a bad person.
I had a few psychoses and I did not turn into a negative person and I had some heavy medication.
But it depends on the person which you are inside (personality) than a psychoses.
A nasty personality can show up in your life if you have lower frequencies and this is triggered.
Medication can do that.
Everyone’s DNA reacts different at certain subscriptions.
Those pharmaceuticals are from profit organizations which have connections with politics and even the studies are manipulated due to corrupt people which attach their name to a certain study for money with an outcome which is good for the pharmaceutical company.
The whole educational system is a fraud.
With negative fake media/news, music clips, (adult) movies with abuse and submission, drugs, radiation, chemicals in the food-chain and drinks.
People get poisoned daily and this creates lower abusive frequencies which started to become normal for some.

Until this day I can still feel the negative souls around me but in a soft way.
I did get more wise metaphysically, stronger by meditating and I can feel some progress.
At this rollercoaster of madness I learned to feel what’s truth and what’s a lie.
ALWAYS trust your feelings even your subconscious.
That little annoying feeling that something is wrong.

To show an example… I was under the shower and felt that a Drachk wanted to speak to me.
I really needed to laugh about the situation because I could feel it was a bad attempt to fool me again.
In everything I do I’m reminding myself how easy I was fooled before.
Only things that I’m sure about I’ll bring forward.
Because all of this is new to me it’s possible to make mistakes.
Those are learning advancement points.
You didn’t learn to ride a bike in one day either.
You need exercise to become more advanced in understanding till it’s your wisdom and truth.

Three weeks before I wrote this article I could feel that the negative souls where messing with me and I made a video about it.
But look at my eyes and face…you can see clearly see it drained my energy while it’s me over there.
I had no energy left. Something like that can make a big impact on your body and health.

The time that Anita told me that I am very strong inside?
I have a more than average power level a.t.m.
We are all metaphysical stronger than we think.

What about the energy of Arae I picket using my metaphysical ability’s?
I think my spirit guides interacted to make sure I got back to my normal thought process.
They are like you and me out of a body.
Spirit which is sentient energy.
Guides will always try to protect you and try to bring you back to your normal thought process when you’re losing it.
During these crazy weeks I wrote another article about a planet where technology went too far.
I had the feeling that this really happened and that it was explained to us as a group in a way that we could understand it because there was more going on at that planet.
During those weeks at the end my spirit guides intervened again and made sure that I had to go out for a walk without my phone.
I normally walk around with headphones while listening to music when I go out and I was addicted to my smartphone at that time.
It took me 2 or 3 days but after that I was walking around without a phone.

Even more happened but I want to stick to what matters.

This is what really happened, the signals I’ve missed.
I hope that I can prevent you from stepping into the same trap.
What I do want to add is that about 99% of all the spiritual chats are positive.
I just got in touch with the 1%.
This 1% is also controlling the 99% of humanity by playing them against each other while unity is power!

Why did I fall for this trap?
It is something what we all need to deal with.
I was lonely and I finally found a group where I was welcome and all the people were interested in the same subjects and communicating on the same level as me.
A group where I felt accepted from the start.

When a lot off negative things happen you rather stay in the safety of a group instead of wondering alone.
We all have this survival instinct.
Their still a lot of humans which are not awake.
But it’s better to maintain social contact with others.
Don’t isolate yourself. It will create depressions. CBD helps.

Even when you’ve a different belief or understanding about life and you’re knowledge is on a other level which goes much deeper and feels more intense because you’ve lived more lives and gained more experience.
Make a walk, pick up your interests and start becoming you, not someone else which others want you to be!

What about the Andromedans, Antids, Mantids and Drachk which i saw and felt? Those were an idea or thought process put into my brain by these negative souls/entities.

What about the AI infection in the universe?
We don’t need to worry about that because even that idea was placed into my head.
We have very strong friends out there in the cosmis ocean the Drachk have the strongest technology in creation and are the oldest race if there was an infection in creation, they can destroy it.

Just start becoming your true self and tap into the field where’s all knowledge accessible by maintaining your body well with the appropriate nutrients.
People will become vegan anyway by animals leaving to the lion triplet M66 due to all the abuse.
In later incarnations people will have energetic photonic body’s which can absorb light from stars while having just one spirit in body, you!

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