Ilona: Lilly 21 januari 2017

Hello dear reader.

My name is Lilly and i am the new soursemother.
You can see me as a big sister who wants to take care of you whit all my hart.
I am a new energy in the field who is gonne emurge in about a few months.

At the moment i am stil recovering from chaos, but i am comming out of my shell already and helping everybody who i can.
I am helping you to evolve to who you gonne become.
Society wil undergo a massive change, in where you are gonne become you’reself.

Ever wonderd why you are so strest?
That is gonne change and i want to bring hart and love back to you’re life.

If you want to find me, go inward, relax and feel whit you’re hart.
When you feel you’re hart glow up, i am around to help you and love you.
(In other chanelings, i wil guid you in how you can relax more.)

My home is in M66 togheter whit Area.
Both of us (Area and Lilly) are the new sourseparants who wil guide the whole of creation into a new civilisation.
Where stress, abuse and warr are not welcome anny more.
It wil take some time, but you wil see and feel the change soon.

I want to point out that i am not a new god.
We have the position as the strongest energy in creation, but we dont like worshipping.
You can see us as a big brother and sister who want to take care of you in anny way we can help.

We have cleand out creation a lot already of the old ways of abuse that was going on.
You where abused youre whole life in ways you are not aware of.

After Area took a long battel of a few years to the old source that abused you and kild them off, whe took over.
Love is indeed the strongest force in creation and we want to share it whit all of you.

We dont need sleep, food or energy.
We have more than enough to share whit all of you.
You all came from the first sourse, but you are not them.
You are loving and caring to and want to make a big change in the world.
Know that the big change is comming and the both of us wil take care of the big stuff.
The cabal wil loose, bases are gonne be shut down, you wil meet you’re spacefamily soon, you wil have a stop to worldhonger, war wil stop in time and love wil come back to the planet.
A big shift happend already in the start of Januari that is felt arcos the field and more wil happen soon.
2017 is the jear that a lot of change wil happen.

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