Where you tired yesterday? Its because of a energy shift in the planet. 13-august-2017

Where you tired, out of you’re rhythm, fearful or just out of youre normal daily feelings?
There was a huge energy shift on 11+12 august, in where all the chakras and leylines of the planet started to flow stronger.
The planets are new capable to let their energy flow stronger than ever.
This is complete new fore creation.

Not only planets, but suns start to flow better in there energy to.
Not in solar power, but in nurturing energy fore the planets and everything that lives in space.

A lot of humans react on it because the feel tired faster, children can have mood swings and just everything is out of balance at the moment.
You will get used to it in the next few days and this will become the new normal.

We have a big positive energyflow op earth and the rest of creation, that there are literally mountains of energy moved.

Alto my other article is in Dutch and is from 2015, it is still active whit all the current energy shifts that will come to help you balance yourself out.
Translate it via a online translator and maby it can help you to.

Dutch translation: http://worldunity.me/ook-zo-moe-de-laatste-paar-dagen-komt-door-een-energieshift-in-de-aarde/

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