Lessons from another planet: When technology is going to far. 8 May 2017

On a different planet, far away from here, there is a race of creatures who became victim of there own technology.

They were chasing technology and brought that technology into there body.
They became a mix between a Borg and a organic body.

By this technology, a body can be thousands years old.
A long life as it looks like.
Just like the 2045 Avatar program.

Although this project seems amazing, it is a monster in development we are making.

What will happen whit the soul when the body is loaded whit technology?
You’re body is loaded whit technology when you are a baby.
You’re brain is pre-programmed by software in how you need to walk, talk and behave.
Really developing when you are a baby is no longer right you have.
This will keep going on you’re hole life.
You can just as easy let the children grow up in special pods so that they can not interact whit the world unit they get to a age in where they can be independent.
In all the situations, the soul will not live anymore.
The spark, essence of life is shut down.
The creatures there live like zombies and are not aware of there surroundings.

They are getting just enough stimulation to function.
But there hole society is automated.
Everybody has its own task and will do that without thinking about it.
They have lost there will to live.
There planet looks gray and dull and the planet contains no color.
There planet was once a proud soul, but because they have put technology in the planet and in the core of the planet, the soul of the planet is almost dead to.
It reminds me of the planet Cybertron of the Autobots.

There is a small group of souls who are more aware of the situation and are fighting this technology, but it all went to far.
I became aware of these beings when one shouted “Kill me, Kill me, Kill me” to me.
After that, the creature showed itself to me and let me see what was going on.
Whit a small group of humans we took a look at the planet.

Our galactic friends are here have technology to, but there is a big different.
In the technology that we are making (and what other creatures were doing on there planet), contains no soul.
A negative entity can just enter that technology.
In the technology of our galactic friends is a positive soul.
This is the big different.

A fraction of the federation was there, but they did not want to help.
(This has to do whit the negative control of the old “father and mothergod” they had over everybody.
By attacking in full force on them, they can be shocked to death.
Do know they have been in this state fore thousands of years.
The technology to is that smart that it will repair itself when something is removed or missing.

The planet is set in quarantine whit a energetic web.
The souls on this planet need to wake up softly.
The planet war barley alive but Sourse (Arae or Lilly) have send a lifeline to the planet to get it back to life.
Whit this energy, the planet will come back to life again.
The very sad part of this, is that the planet will scream it out in pain when it comes back to life again because of all the technology in here body.
This will give you the chills if you can hear it.
Because the planet will come back to life again, the harts of here inhabitants will come slowly back to life again.
These souls need to come back to life from a long slumbering state and this can take a while.
They need to see the mistake of there technology and they need to remove it.

More creatures from creation are underway to help the souls on the planet.
Energy-beings from all corners of creation, fairy’s who balance planet’s whit there energy, a big dragon whit a metallic look on his skin went over there to help in this situation.
There is another breed of aliens that want to help them and have come whit special ships fore medical help to remove the technology.
These breed of aliens are related to those creatures on the planet and are like brothers fore them.
In time they will change from a civilization based on technology, and turn into a civilization in where everything is based on living in harmony whit there planet.

Dutch translation: http://worldunity.me/lessen-van-een-andere-planeet-wanneer-technologie-te-ver-gaat/

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