Ufo’s take a part of the spirit of the planet with them in deep space. 26 december 2017

There are cristel here on the planet, that came from other planets.
In a crystal like that, is the spirit of the planet of origen.
To name a example, we have a crystal that we call Moldavite.
As others call here Molly as a nickname.

Moldavite (Czech: Vltavín) is a forest green, olive green or blue greenish vitreous silica projectile rock formed by a meteorite impact in southern Germany (Nördlinger Ries Crater).
It is a type of tektite.
It was introduced to the scientific public for the first time in 1786 as “chrysolites” from Týn nad Vltavou in a lecture by Josef Mayer of Prague University, read at a meeting of the Bohemian Scientific Society (Mayer 1788).
Zippe (1836) first used the term “Moldavite”, derived from the Moldau (Vltava) river in Bohemia (the Czech Republic), from where the first described pieces came.

At the moment that an alien civilization want to leave their home planet for a longer time, they want to take a part of their planet with them.
In that way they can create the environment to make the plants and other life thrive on the ship.
And to to support their own body’s.
Altho they have great technology, it is better to go via a natural way than a non-organic way.
(Do know that there technology is so advanced, that they can create natural and organic nanobots to support the body.)

Aliens have most of the time a double cundalini like we have.
Most of the time a cundalini is 60% of your own personal kundalini and 40% of the homeplanet.
The planetary essence in the ship will break of smaller part of herself in where a part is going into the body of the fetus.
At the end of a life, the spirit will go home and the planetary energy is going back to the ship.

The ships itself have no dubbel kundalini.

Fore this i need to go to our electronica.
All electronica is fed and supported by the field all around us.
There is a spark in your smartphone, refrigerator, laptop and vacuum.
Because planetary spirit can extremely well feel the other planets, ships and lifeforms in space, makes it an excellent navigator.

It is not for nothing that a spaceship is always called a “mothership”.
To the fact that planets are always female.
And suns are always male.

Dutch translation: http://worldunity.me/ufos-nemen-een-stukje-van-de-spirit-van-hun-thuisplaneet-mee/