How cheese and Cola light addiction can cause an alcohol addiction.

Cola light and alcohol are connected.
But first we have to look at how Cola light is transformed inside the body.

In the body, aspartame is broken down into phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol.
Methanol can be toxic in high amounts, but the amounts that result from the breakdown of aspartame is lower than with many “natural” foods.
For example, drinking a liter of diet soda would lead to consumption of 55 milligrams (mg) of methanol, as compared
to as much as 680 mg of methanol from a liter of fruit juice.

Alto sugar in fruit juice is more natural, it depends from person to person if you can handel it.
My point to make is that Cola light can be transformed to methanol in the body.
And methanol is a form of alcohol.

By itself some Cola light would not be a problem.
But fore the more sensitive humans, Cola light and alcohol addiction can be connected.

Alcohol and Cola light bring you’re bloodsuger level out of balance.

Cheese is a risk-factor in this to alto not everybody will develops an addiction in this.
(But most will finds out they have one, once they leave cheese away fore a month.)
The answer is casomorphins—protein fragments, derived from the digestion of the milk protein, Casein.
The distinguishing characteristic of casomorphins is that they have an opioid effect.
Yup. Opioids are among the world’s oldest known drugs.
Dependence can develop with ongoing administration, leading to withdrawal syndromes with abrupt discontinuation.
Opioids are well-known for their ability to produce a feeling of euphoria, motivating some to recreationally use opioids.
But if it’s already a huge part of our diets in America, so who will actually have to experience the uncomfy withdrawl?
You guessed it. Those who try to kick dairy to the curb.

But why do we have those addictions?

The awnser is in our brain.

Western modern food is to rewarding fore the brain.
(The ingredients fore cheese and alcohol has changed in the last 100 years and have become more addicted by a different way of adding flavors.)
It contains more flavors than we can find in nature.
This is a part of survival-instinct from nature so that we keep our self alive and don’t starve.
But in current time, it got out of hand.

If you have an alcohol addiction and you want to get it under control?
Please find help of somebody who can help you like you’re docker or other specialized humans in alcohol addictions.
To study nutrition is to a good one because food is a start into a lot of inflammations in the body.

It is a good idea to find you’re triggers in food.
What kind of food wants you to crave alcohol?
You can keep a journal whit you so you can write down what triggers you.
The goal is to find out what triggers you and to scrap those kinds of food out of you’re food-intake.
So that you can get control back over you’re life.

It may be that you need to cut out cheese of you’re diet, but you can get yogurt.
Or that you need to cut out bread, but can replace it whit natural cereal.

Every body is different and when you start to understand you’re body, you can find a lot more about yourself.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Nobody knows everything and nobody is perfect, sometimes you need to dig fore information.

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