Frank Zhu: Stone & Crystals; Stone energy pt 2! Close up examples & metaphysical attributes!

Part 2 of the Stone energy series!
Join me as I go over a couple dozen new stones and their metaphysical properties with close-up shots of each stone! This one will be jam packed with info.. feel free to pause the video on any stone and feel the energy 🙂

They are all cranked up.. by the old man & others!
How to feel stone energy steps:

Step 1, Find a stone or crystal that you wish to feel the energy from, and hold it between the tips of your finger.

Step 2, Sit or stand comfortably while holding the stone with your fingertips, take a deep breath and relax.
Open up and allow the energy from the stone to flow into your body.

Where do you feel the energy?
Do you feel a focused pressure in a certain area?
Do you feel really lightweight and fuzzy? Or even dizzy?
Do you feel vibration in any part of your body?

Some people stone feel the energy stronger, while others feel the energy more subtle.
The experience will be different for everyone.
If you hold your stone/crystal like the example above and do not feel anything, just remember you must RELAX!

If you don’t feel energy, don’t get frustrated.
It is something that you can develop whit time.
Just take a stone whit you when you meditate and let it come whit time.

Another way to adjust yourself in a subtile way to the energy of stones is to place them before you’re bedroom window.
There they will be charged up by sunlight and at night you get adjusted to the energy of the stones in a soft flowing way.

Relax and allow the stone energy to flow into your body.
Imagination whit this is a powerful tool.

Different bead/necklace stone combination recipe:

For seeing/pineal: Lapis, Picture jasp, citrine, clear quartz, tiger eye, amethyst, charoite

For heart/flowing: Red aventurine, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, garnet For relaxing/calm: Larimar, aquamarine, Smokey quartz, shungite

For powering up: Dragon stone jasp, blk onyx, citrine, garnet For general focus: citrine, amethyst

For hurt/emotional heart: Rhodonite, garnet, dragon stone jasp.

These are very general stone combinations you can use in your necklaces or braclets that’ll assist in the specific areas!
They are easy and fun to make for yourself!
Check out my friend Hitomi Nakasone’s ETSY page for cool handmade necklaces here:

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