Underwater-humanoid are giving a warning about there pain. 22 september 2017

A lot in this story might seems crazy but it is what is going on in the oceans.
In our waters and oceans is more life that we understand and we are not only sharing the ocean with dolphins and Orkas.

We have space family in our oceans who live here for over a few million years. One of the breeds has the features of a human body but with different “legs” and they have a jelly structure of their body like a Atlantic Portuguese man o’ war (Physalia physalis).

These fish are hard to spot under the water.
It is difficult to get a clear impression about their body layout under the water.
Their organs are transparent thats why I cannot see or feel the difference between their heart and kidneys.
The way they breathe is different then that of ours.
Where there “gills” are at the side of the stomach.
They don’t breath oxygen from the ocean like fish do with their gills but they extract another substance from the ocean that they need to breath but i can not name right new becouse i dont know.
This is no problem for them and that is the way they live.
Because the ocean is extremely polluted their breathing has become very difficult.
They are having a lot of breathing problems and they developed a kind of asthma.

The humanoids have a big honor-feeling and live in harmony with the ocean. They enjoy to support and help others with the flora and fauna of the ocean.

The Portuguese man o’ war even take care of things that we are not even aware of like to flow of the tide.
They take care of things that we are not aware of as a whole.

Mayby a handful of humans are aware of what they do.
They want us to know that they are in much pain.
They understand that the surface of the planet has a big impact and that is why they want us to know.

Their message is that the way we threat the ocean is not only killing the fish but it is killing them to.
The whole society is struggling under it and it is time that we see what we do.
We know how oil company’s are looking for oil with depth-bombs.
In this video you can see how they work.

This is told in a soft way but in reality it is going much harder in the oceans. Egoistic humans are not thinking about the ocean floor and destroy all plant life as if it’s a normal thing to do.
These humanoids want to keep it simple for us and want us to direct only on the plant and fish because that is what we can understand and comprehend.
The reality is that there is more life that we are not aware of whom suffer big time to.

Did you know that the water is alive to and that all of this is hurting the planet which is sentient too?
Humanity must know that there is no life without water!
Then why are we destroying our own environment?
In my other video, “Do they want to turn this planet into a robot” i will go deeper in it in all what is happening on the ocean-floor.

These humanoids are very gentle and have no other wish then to live in harmony with the planet.
They have a big honor and are calm from nature.
They have big pride and honor to help all the life in the ocean.
They help fish and plantlife in the ocean.
What they to want to tell you is that there society are having psychotic periods from all of this.
Migraine, physical pain and other mutations of the body.
Did you know that their houses are destroyed ?
Whole family’s ripped out of eachother and that their whole society is in ruins? It’s getting the same as with humanity.
Some places and it becomes more and more look like complete battlefields.

We humans think that they only look for oil and gas, but they harvest other resources as well.
The negative beings only see wealth and don’t care bout the environment.
Whole area’s are harvested and run over whithout any pardon or explanation. There are also underwater-chemtrails and the sound from ships is like hell for life underneath.
By all the underwater-communication and their sound waves those humanoid and fish life get complete crazy because they don’t know where they can find their relaxation.

Ships which go sub-dimensional make such big banging-sounds which you have not heard a lot in you’re daily life.
These ships are from the negative side and they do this on purpose to produce sound which bring them much pain.
All life in the ocean has to deal with this. Dolphins, orkas, whales, fish and much more.
We as humans have a voice and have to stand up and bring this to a change! These humanoids know that it is hard to understand this.

But if you don’t believe the humanoid-creatures, please do some investigation in how they produce the noise on the ocean floor.

Become aware and feel into it.

If you want to wake up and become aware of life around you in more than only the fisical world that we know, i would recomand a crankup.
Go to The spiritual foundation fore more information.

Dutch translation: http://worldunity.me/onderwater-humanoids-geven-een-waarschuwing-over-hun-pijn/