Chemtrails and negative-soul attack in the last 2 weeks. 30 september 2017

In the last 2 weeks (maybe longer) there was a build up in chemicals in the air via chemtrails.
But new they have put something else extra in the chemtrails that is creating frustration and BIG STRES!!! to others.
On some places they even spotted black chemtrails.

Everything is showing up.
From autistic humans who are overstimulated, to psychosis, to aggression towards others, to big emotional break downs, to feeling attacked by “something”.
Even stronger allergic reactions like a stronger hay-fever than normal during this time of year.
Addictions pop up more easy to.
Pain can increase more than “normal”.

There is an orchestrated event going on and it has been taken care of, but i still want to give you a heads up.

If you have any other feelings, that you normally don’t have…it could be that you are feeling this to.

How are they doing it?
What happens here (in the 3rd dimension) starts in the second dimension.
From there they started a plan to bring gaos/attack wave to get control back to the negative side.
From there, the humans here on the planet get the command to put something extra in the chemtrails and they are going to build up the stress in the atmosphere.
It accumulates in our body (plants and animals feel this to) until you come to a breakpoint and it hase an influence on you.
Than they can stress you even more with the radiation-technology (Telephone-masts, wifi) and you become more sensitive or get stronger allergic reactions.
In the last few days there was a negative-soul-wave attack but not everybody got hit in it.
And that wave came from the other side.

It is orchestrated by some negative source-members and as always there are souls who like abuse who are going along with the plan.

I know that i miss some essential information to explain it better, but this is the best that i can give you at the moment within my own toughtprosses.

The biggest negative attack went to Jay Essex and others who live in his house, and he kild everything that was attacking them.
He even talks about it, in this video.
It is from 27-september-2017

Fore new, do anything that you can do to stay calm.
Meditate, eat and drink health and understand that things happen.
You can look online for ways to help yourself.
But in everything, stay yourself in every way!
And know that our space family is helping into cleaning up the chemtrails to.
But when you’re symptoms are too much for you, please always trust your common sense and visit a doctor.

Dutch translation:

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