Sun feels guilty becouse of abuse, a new cleaning wave is going true creation. 13 august 2017

A deep feeling of guilt is going trough creation.
Among them a Sun who likes abuse.
He was seduced by the old source, to become negative and like the abuse.
A Sun can do this by sending to much solar power, heat and radiation to the planets around him.

(I talk about the male-shape because Suns are Man and Planets are Female.)
This Sun did this on purpose because he liked the abuse.
He enjoyed hurting the planets and see them suffer and all the life in the planet that had to suffer from the unnatural radiation and heat.

This Sun has understood by the new energy-wave that is going trough creation, that what he was doing was wrong.
It was explained to the Sun what he did wrong, the consequences of it from the point of view of the planets. What i mean with this are the planets and all life around the planets.
It also prevents our space family in helping other planets because their shields are damaged by an unknown energy that comes from the sun.
(Personally i dont know what kind of energy it is and in the general community it is not known, but in the alternative science , there are a few humans who know about this energy.)
Because of the energy that comes from the sun, the shields of the ship can not deal with it.

The planets around the sun are relieved.
(Yes, i wrote the sun with a capital at the start because of his ego in that time, but when i write it in current time, i can feel that his ego is back to normal proportions.
The planets cry of relieve because it is finaly over.
They can return to the mother love they needed for the life on their own planet.
But because the planets had to endure the heavy abuse and they are now connected to a energetic infuse they have the ability to recover their planet to the full of their glory.
The energetic infuse helps not only the planet, but all life on and in the planet and everything in space.

What is going on here is a situation in its own, but know that there are more suns and planets who like abuse.
For a planet it is more rare because a mother wont turn easily to abuse because of the children, but it does happens.
This is going on on a big scale of about 4 trillion planet and literally every planet is helped.

Planets with heavy abuse of which the motherlove can’t be recovered anymore, will die off.
Life on those planets is to extreme.
But if possible, a new planetsoul wil go in to the planet to recover everything, but it will only happen on the free will of the planet-soul herself.
So that all life on the planet can be saved.

Suns will be handled with a little harder because it is male energy.
It is not per definition because they are male, but because the impact of a sun is bigger because it provides energy to more planets.

Arae and Lilly made new sourceplanet-energy-souls (i don’t know the correct term for it) and they (female) will go into planets who can not be saved any more to recover the place.
They will help energetically even when they are not in a planet, to help others in that way.
It is mostly via energy work.
It will provide more energylifeforce in living things like plants, trees, animals and fae.
This energyflow was stopped so that things could not come to full bloom.
Humans who can photographer the Kirlian (special way to photographer to see the energy in objects) will get their socks knocked off because of the surprise.
This is something that i think will happen in about 200 years.

Arae gives us the promise that this will never happen again in creation.
Although we all make mistakes, planets and suns make mistakes to.
But the more life you guide, how less the margin for mistakes there can be, because so much life is connected to that energy.
If a big soul makes a mistake that hurts somebody, they will try to fix the mistake right away and try to smooth things over for you…and that is the way it’s supposed to be.
If you hurt somebody by accidentally , you go see if that person needs help right away.
And if that person needs medical attention, you will call the paramedics right away.
This is how it suppose to be on a micro and macro level.
Everything, but then literally everything in creation will get the guiding and help to come to full bloom.
The abuse factor you all see, will stop in time but a lot has stopped allready.

Dutch translation:

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