Jennifer Hawley: Qigong whit stones or the elements.

Qigong is a part of chines lecture, that can learn you to maintain a health body and mind and to improve it.
Qi-gong movements are a movent of the body whit a steady movement and in where you repeat the movements, in a standing or sitting motion.
The other empathizes is breath.
It is a good basis way to educate yourself in how you can control youre body energy.

Standard Qigong as we can see in Youtube-video’s only involve youre own body energy.
But rocks and water contain energy to.

In this video, Jennifer gives you a demonstration in how you can implement rocks and water fore Qigong.
In this video she demonstrate it whit a glas of water, but so save you a wet t-shirt, you can do some water in a bottel.

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