Disclosure will happen soon, but why not already in 2016? 30 may 2017

The positive time line we are on, can change from time to time.
What ever the cabal will try, it will not change into a negative time line.
The planning was that Disclosure would happen in 2016.
But as always, something came up.

It is not only this planet, but this is happening in whole creation.
But to us Disclosure is really important.

From multiple sources and directions, it is clear that everybody can feel it in the field.
Disclosure will happen between new and 1,5 years.

Between 2002 and 2009 there was a big UFO wave in Groningen (Holland)

More and more humans will step forward whit there knowledge and contact about our space family.
The time is safe new.
All the scary things that everybody is afraid of that would happen, will not happen anymore.
Everybody who will step outside, is protected by the field.
(But don’t get stupid, always keep a sober head.)

Are you afraid of black helicopters above you’re house? The chance is big that it is a helicopter of the government.
They are checking on the water pipe, electric wire, gas pipes and so on.
It could to be a helicopter of the army, police, ambulance or a privat helicopter.
The treats that was from the old days, are no longer a problem today.
It is safe new to step outside.

If you want to share anything, you can mail to Anton Teuben:

Or Ilona Beaard: bloemroze@hotmail.com
All emails will be handled discreetly.
We both speak Dutch and English.

Sourse: http://worldunity.me/disclosure-krijgen-we-binnenkort-maar-waarom-in-2016-al-niet/

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