Crystals and pets. Not always a good mix. 30 may 2017

There are Crystals in many kinds and sizes for various purposes.
Crystals emit a vibration that can have a healing effect on the body.
Through their vibration the stones produce a kind of vitamin for your body.
Just as nutrition provides our body with all building materials, crystals can also help keep your body healthy.

But sometimes it can go wrong.
Personally, I love crystals and in a certain period, a few years ago, I wore many necklaces and crystals around my neck. Well, sometimes people do things that make the rest of the population wonder why.
But fortunately nobody was offended by the fact that I carried many crystals.

I have a big dog and she is really lovely, but something went wrong.
I often gave her a hug while wearing all those necklaces.
I noticed that when I was hugging her, the chains always touched her head, but I did not really pay attention to it.
After much hugging, I noticed that one of my dog’s eyes turned red.
The reason for this could of course be some dirt, but I could not find anything.
I left it for 3 days, because my dog did not seem to be suffering.

However, when her eye became redder, I called the vet for an appointment. Once there, it seemed a normal eye infection.
I received medication for my dog and we went home again.

After having used an ointment for more than a week and a half, the inflammation worsened. My dog looked very sad that day and I could clearly see that she was suffering.
Although it was Sunday, I immediately called the vet again and we went over there.
It turned out to be an inflamed tear-duct.
This time I received the right medication and luckily the problem was resolved within a week.

What turned out to be the cause?
My necklaces were the reason!!
How could I be so stupid!.
The chain constantly bumped into her eye and my dog let it all happen.
No squeak, no growl … nothing at all.

Hence I convey this warning to you.
Crystals are lovely, but make sure you do not hurt your pet if you want to cuddle it.
And I? Since then I carry one necklace and make sure that it does not touch my dog’s face.

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Eén gedachte over “Crystals and pets. Not always a good mix. 30 may 2017

  • 31 mei 2017 om 13:06

    You can wear what you like aslong as you wear them somewhere that they won’t harm anyone :). Put them in your pocket or a small bag around your neck so it will stream through your spine (dual core kundalini) else it streams more through one side. While having two spirits inside 40% Gaia and 60% you.


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