Are soul-catsers real? Soul-killers? Walkins? Emty body’s? And more stuff. 16 May 2017

There is a lot of information that you can find online over theese topics.
But what is real?
It is up to you in what you want to belive, but i hope this article can take away some doubt.

There is no big soul-net around the planet that traps souls.
The truth is that non of this is real.
There are no big machines in space that suck up you’re soul.
The moment that you leave youre body, you just go to the 3th dimension where the rest of the souls live.
It is not even allowed to build a net like that around a planet. there somthing out there that can kill my soul?
Yes and no…a lot is madeup to.
Yes, there is one soul in creation that can kil a soul, but this soul is part of the field.
The only thing that is going be killed is so small, that you can neglet it.
And than we are talking about the badest of the crap…way beyond of what we can imagine.
The rest of the ***holes? They wil get there karma soon.
They dont learn from it? Think they are removed from their body and wil het the scooling they need.
Are they stil that negetive? Than they wil be placed in a new body and then they wil get their karma.
Those ***holes wil get a energetic cleanup to remove the negetive energy from them.

The general public beliefs that er during a life, a soul can leave the body and another soul can take it over. This is false.
You stay in you’re body your whole life and nothing can take you out.
(Only the field can do that, but that chance is so small that your chances of being hit by a truck, car, UFO, airplane and lightning at the same time is much bigger.)
The energy that is indeed in you’re body is the energy of the planet.
Gaia needed to give here energy away from the start, so that it could be placed in the body’s.
This creates a kundaliny with 2 energy-streams.
Reptiles have a kundalinie to that only has one stream of the planet…they can be verry carring, but can be verry snappy to.
The energy that Gaia gave, needs to be in other planets or rocks..they are not designd to stay in a body and have short lives.
This is stil a part of the old abuse that was going on in creation.
Whit time the new childeren wil be born with only one energystream or kundalinie of themselfs.

You are not alone in your body, you have the energy of the planet in you.
No wonder that you are fighting youreself from time to time.
When you cross over to the other side, the energy of the body (the planet) wil leave it it.
It wil get a new destination in a planet, moon or rock.
Than they can finely relax to and there is more than enough material for that in space.

What do happens on a regular base (what have been almost stop by new) is when a soul is in the body and that soul is about 27% negetive, (this tells you nothing about you’re personality…you know you’re self and how you’re heart feels).
Is that a passing soul whitout a body can ask to you if it can enter youre body and travel along whit you fore a while.
Many have sad Yes and the visiting spirit whent into the body to.
That is where posession is comming from and than another “demon” needed to be expelled.

The negetive anunaki do have a machine that can remove a soul from its body.
This happend to souls with a minimun of 47% negetivety in them and they created a lot of chaos.
By sending the soul home, the body became more compassionate and was following orders better.
They can not transfer a soul from one body, to another body.
The other side alouwd this to happen in where the angels help to remove the soul from the body with this machine.
With the soul out of the body, you have a body with only the soul of the planet in it.
This is a Shell.
The anunaki new have a lot of problems with their machines in where they can not remove a soul from a body anymore.
Lol..this is the field that is stopping this madness.

What is a Shell?
As you could read in the text above, that is how a shell is created.
Another way to make a Shell is when the field is removing a soul from its body.
This wil only happen when you have a high persentage of negetivety in you and you create a lot of chaos.
You know when sombody is a shell when they have a blue aura.
(In case you have made a aura-picture of yourself and you have a blue aura, dont worry about it…i dont think that you are one of the humans who are a shell. Somthimes we hava a blue aura because aura’s always changes colors.)
It can happen that you have a soul who is in a body whit the wrong DNA and is fighting itself verry hard, than the soul wil be removed from the body to stop the fighting whit itself.
This wil rarely happen and the soul wil not be punished, but it wil get help to recover and get back to there real self as a soul.
In the old way of abuse in creation it happend a lot that souls are placed in body’s whit the wrong DNA that wil not fit whit there soul-type.
This was to create more stress and abuse in youre life but this wil be stopt to in time.
Even weirder…many humans (and aliens) have trouble of waking up becouse there are blocks placed in the body (like healthproblems or mental problems) to prevent one person to wake up to their full potential.
(Do you want it to go faster? Get a crankup with those humans so that you can develop you’re talents even faster) and look around becouse they all have their own prices but they are all just as good.
(It can take some time before the page is done loading.)

Is there timetravel? Are there timelines?
No, you can not physically travel back in space and change things.
You can not travel to the future.
How bad internet wants you to belive this, it is just not allowd by the field.
It is real that you can travel back in time with you’re mind.
This is one of our metaphysical talent that we use every day, but are not aware of.
You use your own mind or your toughts to take a look at events that happend in your life.
You are litterly traveling with youre own mind and metaphysical talents.
Humans who are more solar chakra oriented, can do this more easily.
(The rest can do it to, but for those humans it is more easy.)
You can take a look in the further.
But the past is fixed and can not be alterd. the future is constantly changing to.
There is just one timeline that is constantly changing for the better of everybody.
No more chaos and no more suffering.
This annoys the negetive anunaki becouse they had a machine in where they could look into the future.
But everytime they want to do somthing ( war, false flags and other crap) they see that the timline always changes in their downfall.
It is no longer allowd that this crap stil keeps going.
We can see this in the news in where more and more humans are arested who want to plan a attack.

There are about 7 timelines, but those are not real.
They are possibilities, but the timeline we are on is the real timeline.
The negetivelings can plan what they want, but with their technology they can see that this crap is no longer working for them.

Are we CO-creators?
If you are a creator and you have your suroundings design to your wishes, than why can somebody just bump in with bad intention and make your life a hell?
The whole concept is wrong.
Yes to a sudden level we make our own reality and we live together with others who have made their own world…the rest is misunderstood.
In psycology this is also known as the frame of reference.

(Eampel: A lot of humans have a whole life on the internet and that is there creation.
You take away there phone? And they wil drop back to this world.
They have never left this dimension, they where in there own mind where they have created there own world they feel safe in.)
It is a completely natural prosess and we all do this to feel safe.
But chaos was controled to the smallest parts and you hade no own creation/freedom.
In current time and the futher we have more freedom than we think and we can create and mess around in what we want.
The only rule is “dont hurt others”.
There wil be placed a block on things that sombody wants to make that is going to hurt others.
By example…if some idiot on another planet wants to make nuclear energy, this wil be block and this wil happen over whole creation.
There is always a core of truth in it, but this is (like manny other things) getting a life of its own.

In everything..keep is simple and logic.
What is to weird for words, is most of the time exorbitant

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