How gifted humans, are forced to take medication. 31 May 2017

Meet Lars Christoffersen.
He is a Shaman and a Metaphysical practitioner.
He had a spiritual awakening and new he is hospitalized.
They keep him in longer than it needs to be.
But new he is forced to take in medication.
Once every few weeks, they place a squirt in his bottom so that he is forced to take in his medication.
Lars don’t want to take medication, but a squirt in the bottom is a common thing to do when somebody don’t want to take there medication.

Lars is not the only one.
There are more humans who are Metaphysical practitioners (or spiritual gifted).
Many of them are labeled as “crazy or nuts” because they can see, feel, taste and know things that others are not aware of.
This happens all the time and this is why a lot are afraid to step outside whit there talents.

Many “Mental diseases” that we know today come from the DSM 5.
But most of the breakdowns are really a spiritual awakening.
They don’t need medication, but good guides in there awakening.
But there are to humans who go insane because a negative energy is messing whit them.
They don’t need medication, but somebody who can take the negative energy away from them.
There are a few humans who do need medication because there is something wrong in the body, but not as much as we see today.

Did you know that some autistic who hit there head against a wall, have an energetic Imbalance in there brain?
There are other humans who can correct this in where the autist feels better and will not bang the wall and the episodes will decrease.
It is not fixst in one treatment but it will take more, and after that there need to be follow ups to maintain the good energybalans in the brain.
Add a good diet (an allergic reaction to food can trigger a episode), a Stimulus poor environment and good guides from care workers and parents go a long way.
Of course is every situation different in where the patient needs more accompaniment that the other.
A lot of humans are open fore this, but can not afford it.
Know that this will change soon.
When the technology comes available for free electricity, food become Payable and rents will goes down, humans will have more money in there pocket.
(And of course the price of Metaphysical practitioners will goes down because they to have to pay less fore stuff.)

But to come back to the subject.
Lars is not the only one who is locket away and forced to take in medication against his free will.

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  • 31 juli 2017 om 15:15

    Zeer goed artikel! Ik heb genoten van het lezen.


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