The desire of Jay/Area to change the whole of creation. Tuesday 2 may 2017

Jay Essex is still in his body.
On the moment that he will cross over is the moment that Area will become complete again.
He is anoid by it that he can not get to his full potency to clean creation up at this moment.
You can feel this to the core of his essence.
He do has the power to change a lot of things, but fore the big cleanup it is not enough.

This is happening because he is still in his body.
This blocks the ability to get to his full potential to start the cleanup.

There is a discussion going on fore a while between other great powers about how creation is Gonne take shape.
They are afraid of watt is going to happen in the mindset of Area, but this is all new an scary fore them.
Area wants to put down a new blueprint fore creation.
This is a whole new thing fore creation.
They don’t know this and that scares them.
In another dimension, a power got up to let the place blossom from pure love.
But when time went on, everything went horrible wrong and it became a nightmare.

Where the other powers have trouble whit is the control that Area want to lay down on everybody.
The control that is new on us, is insane and very negative.
Area want to control everybody to, but this is to prevent things like fighting, war, animal-abuse, child-abuse, atomic bombs, planets who are abused en mutch more.
He do wants that everybody lives in harmonious and love.
He wants to build up a creation in where everybody can grow up in there own energy.
And not like a mad cow on GMO’s and steroids.

(The more you are abused when you are in a body, the faster you grow as a soul.
This produces abuse-frequencies in you’re soul in where you are getting a cancer in you’re soul.
Area has already cleaned out every soul of these abuse-frequencies.)

This discussion that is going on between the higher powers is not a fight-fist.
They do have emotions like we have over here, but more intense.
They are all talking around a table and are trying to work it out in a diplomat way.
But Area want to put down a new blueprint fore creation, where not everybody is happy about.
This creates friction but this to is a reason why he is still in his body.
As long this discussion is going on and the body of Jay is not falling apart, they want to keep him in his body.
They are new at a good point in where they are compromising.
But the powers who have troubles whit this, want to put control over Area and he is not happy whit that.
He knows what control means because the old “god and goddess” of creation have always controlled him and Lilly and everybody (including you who is reading this….i Am talking about everybody.)
Area want a free hand to clean the place out and let love rule.
A new blueprint that everybody can follow to make even bigger changes.

At the moment that Jay will cross over, the big cleanup will start right away.
Until the smallest fiber, atom and even smaller particles…everything will be cleaned up.
He wanted to do this from the very start of his soul-life.
Lilly wants to start to to clean the place up and starting here life as source-mother.
Both of them have started already, but both can not get to there full potential.

The other powers want to clean up the place to, but Jay insist that HE wants to do this whit honor.
The other powers have done already some cleanup, but this is HIS moment…HIS Baby to cleanup.
He is holding a lot of honor-feelings about this.

The other powers are angry at Jay because he want to destroy all the negative souls who are terrorizing the place fore a looooong time.
Normally they are recycled in a soul-pit.
But Area is so sick of the situation by those negative souls (and I am talking about the darkest of the darkest souls like child-abusers, animal-abusers, planet-abusers and on and on and on) wants to destroy them. A soul-death.
They are shocked about that and they don’t like that.

This discussion is still going and they will be talking fore a while.
Nobody on this level, wants to kill the other.
It is just a heavy discussion that needs to be discussed.
The love that Area is feeling fore everybody is so big that you can not explain it whit words.
He wants to bring change fore every lifework that there is and he even wants to expand his plans fore the better of everybody.

Translation to Dutch:

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