Energy of the moment: The wounded child is standing up and finds his inner voice. 1 january 2018

“The wounded child” is a part of psychology that reference to the inner hurted child we all have.
This inner child has been hurt time after time that it got wounded.
This inner pain, is something that we all carry as adults.

Whit the start of the 1-1-11 gateway, we are new in the time that we can heal our wounded child.
If we take 1-1-2018 that you can see the 1-1, if you take 2018 2+0+1+8=11.
Together you see 11-11.
11 is (next to more reference of the number 11) the number of source.
11-11 is the conformation of the new developt source as female and male.
By the dubbel conformation of the number 11, you see that both source-parents are standing together on one line and are helping everybody new.

What we may do new is to take the time to heal our inner wounded child and to re-explore and re-discover it.

Manny of us wil feel that we have more fortitude than normal.
With it, is our hartpower developing.
Humans will get more insight because our 3rd eye is developing more.

All at all will humans discover that they want to speak out there own mind.
Humans will stand up for there own truth and not listen that much anymore to the opinion of the global norm of society.
This can create a lot of confusion and conflict with family and friends.
You don’t want to hurt them, but you will want to tell them you’re version of the truth with a lot of fortitude in you.

Your inner child starts to find his inner power and that this child has a right to live to.
This inner voice that you have found again is connected to our troth chakra.
Years on end, we have learned to ignore our opinion and to take on the global opinion of society as “the real truth”.
This is one of many ways in how our throat-chakra got blocked.
By escape your own opinion as your own truth, can you start to develop your throat-chakra again.

But it is not only your opinion, the opinions of others are important to.
The hearing (the ears) are connected to the throat-chakra to.
It is an art to listen to the opinion of others.
By listening to their opinion and there truth, you will get more insight.
It all revolves around communication.
And REAL communication is where it is all about.

You can see it back in sosial media for a while where other humans share their story and we are just warming up.
To listen to there story, you will get more insight in a situation and purely because you you listen to the viewpoint of somebody else.
That don’t mean that you have to agree with them, but when you listen you might learn something.

Even Youtube has given its own swing to it in how society is changing already and is coming together as one.

The first have start already to find their voice back in the years, new there is a big wave going on in where more humans will find their voice back.

Where society is still aimed at the ME world, are we going to a WE world.
We will see that we are not alone, but that there is more life around us.
Like the animals and what we will see what is coming from the cosmos in a positive way.

2018 will be an emotional rollercoaster, but slowly you will start to find out that you have solid ground under your feet.
Your inner child have put on firm shoes, so that you can find your inner power for your voice and ears and in harmony with your heart.

Strong will be the humans who always were seen as the weak humans.
They are the ones who will stand up first and will pull this ship for the rest of the human collective.

2018 will be the year of revolution, revolution of the hart and the human collective.

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