Extreme low hum heard around the world. 8 december 2017

Multiple humans are hearing a low frequency hum or vibration.
It is a full-spectrum bas-undertone that is made by the planet herself.

We are going to a turbulent time whit the increase of the Schumann-resonance.
The magnetic poles are shifting and can change and a lot is moving inside the planet.
You don’t have to worrie about it, because a lot will be in the most soft way possible.
Alto there can be some incidents on the planet.

My theories is that there is an old spaceship on Antarctica, who is deep hidden in the ice.
This ship can give off a special vibration to help the planet.
This vibration is to help support the positive vibration of the planet.
Our spacefrends have technology to heal compleat planets in ways that we are not even aware of.
Their technology is way beyond our imagination.
The part above here is my theories that I can not support whit facts.

I have felt and heard this deep earth-hum myself.
It is a full-spectrum sound that contains multiple frequency’s.

In the clip below, can you see how a father can calm his baby whit the OM sound.
So is the sound of the earth-hum to, to sooth everybody in, on and around the planet.

It is not to be confused whit the high frequency sound that humans can hear so as Tinus.
This is a low bass-sound.

The best way to hear this, is when you meditate.
Once you have heard it, can you try to zoom into it to feel the positive effect.
If you can not hear it? Don’t get frustrated because everybody has a different set of ears so not everybody can hear it.

But be careful…
When it starts to become imitating, it could be going on an industrial sound.
About 2% of the population can hear low and/or high-frequancy sounds in where the sound can become a hell to the person.
In that case i would suggest you find a site on the internet in where you can rapport this.
There is a Dutch site and if you send them an Email, they can connect you whit a website in you’re country.

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