17-9-2018: Astral Scam-allert: When the field wants to teach me important life lessons.

This article was made last in the end of 2017.

I want to show you how deep my astral sniffing around really whent.
How the field of Arae (Jay Essex in astral form”was helping this little poor soul“) (sarcastic tone of voice).

In reality, you are getting an insight of how big the amount of astral brainwashing was going on.
My wish still is stil to help others and more have the burning wish to help others.

But here you see my talents to work in remote-sniffing around and how big the scam on me was in the saga around Jay Essex.
There was a Dutch man Joep (at the end of his 20’s) who was helping me with the spelling.
In reality is he part of the team of Jay Essex and scammers to keep me down and suprest and not allow me to bloom into myself.

I know it reads as science fiction but this is one of those crazy insights i hade a lot of the time.
And i want to show you how deep the scamming can go.
Always be on youre tows and trust youre own digression.

I have more of this kind of channelings so the order of the story’s may be confusing on this site.

One advice fore you all: NEVER EVER EVER BOW DOWN TO NOBODY.
Dont even bow down to the highest source because only a maniac wants you to bow down and become a sheep again.
Become the stubborn one and trow youre but against the curve, in youre own creative way.

¥ Here is the channeling, gone nuts and how channelings can be fake as hell. ¥

When the field wants to teach me important life lessons.

What if you have a soul-wish and the field allows you to learn and understand how thought processes flow and creation has been ran.That happend to me.I want to understand the abuse of creation into the detail and the field let me run on this idea.It supported me in astral way. The books of Jay Essex will explain a lot to you about the abuse in creation and my own abuse in my soul-history. I have the habit that I freak out easy. I’ve been into psychoses before where I freaked out a lot.Most of the time it is due to sound and its called misophony. Although it is a sensitive area for me I can influence it with my own thought process.Past life abuse can make it worse. In my case I can “thank” old source(first two sentient beings) for this gift. A so called gift to abuse me even more this life.

Although what happened the new field ran by Arae let me flow with my own thought proces so I can explorer.I have found out some stuff I don’t want to talk about at this moment because I still don’t understand the new information I got from it.
What I can talk about is what happened to me in the last few days.Somethings happened which caused me to freak out again because my senses were freaking out after confrontation. You have to know that the persons who caused this never had the intention to hurt me in any way.It’s just a thing that happened to me and I’m not angry at them.

Because of what happened due to the sound that triggered me I went in freakout-mode again. My alcohol abuse turned back because use alcohol to soothe my nerves. If I don’t do this can turn into psychosis, rage-attacks, cluster migraines and more heavy stuff. Alcohol can trigger those attacks as well..so it is always risky.

Today I was freaking out so hard in my own mind that after about a full day the field shut me down. I lost my ability so see with my third-eye and scanner.I didn’t understand what happend and I was lost for a solid hour. The peace of mind I’ve got because I couldn’t look astral anymore into my own past stopped me from freaking out. The field stopped me from going into a psychosis. Which prevented me to be put back into lockdown and forced medication again.

What was the lesson that I needed to learn for myself? What you read now is my thought process. I don’t know if it was the field or something else but it was something that I needed to learn.Do you really think that you can fully understand what happened in creation? The abuse that happened? I wanted that you could see and learn the full abuse which happened but it is too much.I know what happened and I don’t need anybody to support me. I’m done with it and I don’t need help to process it.

“I have processed it together with my twinflame Lilly. I love your support but this lesson you needed to learn. Do you think that I cannot go on for another day? You have no idea about my fortitude and love. I don’t need help to pull this cart, but I fully support every living energy in creation who wants to help to bring positive change in creation. Even more positive change than the limited part that you think that is creation when you are still in body.”

Maybe that some strong source-members can understand that creation is more than just the “soul-education while you are in body”.That there is even more life beyond that side of view. If you want I can learn you this but you got to read the books to get a basic understanding. It’s a lot for a soul to understand and when you’ve found out it can freak you out. Take the lesson from your heart and life your life. Let the old way crumble because you are looking to hard to the old way, you hold on to it.It is you’re only understanding and it’s more important to learn about the new way of love, compassion and understanding.You have seen it for yourself Ilona. Although it’s not close, this song tells a little about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyFzpBAZICc Joep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHydngA5C4E

Keep your vision up and keep looking, but understand that the old way is about to leave us. You don’t need to follow it because it will go away. You have a “security hang” to it because it is all that you’ve known in your soul-history. It’s you’re safe hell as you call it. Learn the new way that you can already feel a little from the new energy. Everybody will get the help they need. But for now help yourself and you can help others later in life. It’s not wrong to help others but as you call it take care and make a solid foundation for yourself where you can build a solid brick house on. It was a tough lesson which you needed to learn. Be proud of what you’ve reached for and which you will learn according to this process. You’re not blocked just turned off for the moment so that you can recover. It will come back in time and quicker that you think. My last words are that nothing can destroy my faith in love.

Let me pull the cart as you call it in another article you’ve not published yet but which you’ve on your storage. All of you who want to be the positive change in creation will have my full support. I want that my lifework will turn into everybody smiling again in creation without exceptions

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