Energy-update: Do you feel like you are being touched or do you hear a lot of ringing in your ears? Stomach and hart going crazy? 11 May 2017

Help…what is touching me new? Are that aliens? Is it a goast? Am i under attack?
No, no, and again no.

The field and Gaia are working to evolve everybody.
Do you know about the Love-wave that Gaia is produce? You can see this by the increasing Schumann resonance.
There is a massive update going on.
The field around us is a positive field.
This field is to working on us to wake everybody up.
Humans are forced to wake up…they can not miss this allarmclock any more.
It will not be done over one fortnight, but it will go much faster than we think.

But what is touching me? What do i feel tinseling?
Weird feeling on top of my head (in you’re crownchakra).
But to on other parts of the head and face.
Weird sensations can o cure like head pain, energy-burst, and even some acne.
The feeling that something is touts hing me on my head and face.
That is nothing else than the field or Gaia who are evolving you.
The more awake you are, the better the field can do its job.
But the field will work on you anyway. If you are awake of still sleeping.

There are just a few humans left whit a 2 strain DNA.
Most humans have a 3 or 4 strain DNA.
The only humans who don’t evolve are the negative ones.

We are not gonna change into X-men but our metaphysical talents will develop more so that we can see the other side better.
Its hard to go back to sleep when you have seen a tree-elf.
And when everybody is looking at the same thing, the pharmaceutical industry can kiss his own butt.
No more medication fore those humans who think they are going insane.
Science is forced to take another look at this.

My advice? Know that those changes are good and please don’t worry about it.
Do you have ringing in you’re ears? Most of the time that is not Tinnus, but you’re spirit guides who are working on you so you can hear them better.
(A small portion of those humans have Tinnus). But most of the time its your guides who are working on you.
Do yo have a migraine? See how fare you can take it and only take aspirin when it becomes to much fore you.
Eat health, drink a lot of water and take good care of you’reself.

If you want to take more out of this, go meditate.
By meditating, you will develop your talents even faster.

Please know that not every touch you feel is a attack.
This is the field or Gaia working on you.
Sometimes it can take about a few hours before the feeling will leave you, but you can just relax.
Feel it, but don’t go crazy on it.

I will need to tell you this…if you have serious doubt and it will not leave you? Go visit a doctor fore a checkup.
Most of the times’ nothing is going on, but it can be a good thing to visit you’re doctor to take away the doubt.
Eat healthy, drink a lot of water and get you’re 8 hours sleep.
And smile…humor is the best medication fore a lot of small problems.

Before I forget it…your hart and stomach can feel weird to.
Your hart can skip a beat or can feel funky.
You’re stomach can feel so strange that you want to vomit.
Those are symptoms to of you’re DNA evolving.
Again whit this…don’t worry to much about it and take it easy.
You are helpt in developing your hart-chakra and solar-chakra but your organs are getting a update to.
Try to solve it in a natural way (like chamomile tea whit a upset stomach) but if you really worry about it, go visit a doctor.

Even better news is that this is not only happening to us, but our spacefamily are getting the same update.
Whole creation is undergoing this change.
Our spacefrends? They feel the same sensations as that we feel whit this big update.

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