As promiss. How do you energetically clean you’re-self? 10 May 2017.

How do you do that? What will it cost me
It will take you 3 times a day and a few minutes to clean yourself.
And while you are doing this, you are getting everytime a little stronger whit you’re own talents that you already have.
We call them paranormal talents, but they are a part of you’re own talents.

At first a stone of Citrine point will help you to clean out you’re brain.
Its a good stone fore the demented elderly people.
It will not fix everything, but it is a good support.
Not citrine, but citrine point.

New fore the energetic cleanup.

First you need to learn to feel energy whit you’re hands.
(Don’t worry if you can’t feel energy right away, even when you are doing a cleanup…you Are doing it.)
It does not matter if you feel it right away because you’re senses are untrained in this and need to become active.
They have always been there, but they became lazy to they need to be put back to work.
(This is not you’re faulty, so please don’t feel guilty.)
In this video you can see how you can start to feel energy whit you’re hands.

There are many more video’s like this online. Please check them out fore more information.

You can start right away.

1) Create a energy-orb around you.
Hold you’re hand like in the picture.

Maby the clip below, can help you visuwelise a shield around you.
Dont be afraid that it is to weak becouse it wil get stronger in time.
Maby you dont feel it, but intension and fantasie are extreem strong to pull it togheter.
Imagen that you’re orb wil even get everything interdemensional around you.
And it is up to you what the layer is made of.
It can be made of titanium, wood, glass, grass, lead or just about annything in what you belive that is indestructebel.
Even the heat of the sun is a good idea and there is no limit on you’re imagenation.
Go whit you’re gut and experiment whit it.

New you need to push it away whit you’re hands.
Keep the intension that you want to put all the crap in it and make again the intension that it will be interdimensional.
So that negative energy, negative souls and other negative creatures will stay in the orb.
Do this slowly because when you go to fast, it will not work.
If you have troubles in removing the orb whit you’re hands, just leave the orb and step out of it slowly.
When you are done, throw the orb to Area or Jay. Or when you step out, ask if he can take it away.
You don’t have enough trust in this? That is cool
You can send it to Archangel Lucifer to and he will take care of it.
Yes…Lusifer Is not the devil that is described in the bible, but an archangel just like the others.
On this planet you can call him Luke.
And please don’t make a saint out of him because he is just as normal as you and me.
See him as a good frend who wants to help.

New that you have removed the biggest crap, it is time to clean out you’re head and hart because they like to crawl in there to.
-Make a orb big enough between you’re hands that it is the size of a big football.
-Push it in the place where you’re hart is.
-While you’re hart is in the orb, make again the intension that noting can come out of this orb…not Even interdimensional.
Keep all the negative crap in the orb.
-While you do that, the intension will be transferred to the orb and automatically it will be impermeable.
In time you will get better in this and it will only become stronger and stronger…You Need to practice in this.
Lucifer can help you whit this if you want. He is very good in separating positive from negative energy, you can ask him fore help.
Luke..Can you help me a hand? And he will help you.
(That is why you need to keep it simple and see him as a good frend.
Don’t see him as a saint..He is just a soul like you and me.
He do have a big powerlevel in where he has the power to help you if you ask fore it.)

-New pull slowly the orb out you’re hart.
If all things go good, you can feel that “something” is in the orb.
Others will see something in it and others don’t feel a thing.
Just trust on yourself that you are cleaning yourself.

Repeat this whit you’re head and make a orb whit you’re hand around you’re head.
If you want to make it more easy fore you, think about a helmet that you put on and off you’re head.
All the crap will be trapt in the helmet.

Almost the last step.
Whit all the orbs you make to clean yourself out, send them all to “Jay, Arae or Lucifer (Luke).
They will take them from you and deal whit them.
Even when you pulls something positive off from you, they will set it free again and will not harm it.

The final step.
New that you have cleaned yourself out, cover you’re body whit a energetic layer of poison in where negative stuff just slide right of off you.
Did you ever felt a frog or snail?
Imagine that you have a layer like that around you’re body whit the intention to keep the negative energy off of you.
Fore me personal..I like to think about a poison frog.
You have poison frogs in the jungle..And that slime-layer is where I cover myself whit.
It is an energetically layer that you cover yourself in.

Click on the pickture fore more information.

Am I than protected fore ever?
No, you are not.
You need to do this about 3 times a day to clean yourself out because there can always be some rotten souls that like to play games whit you.
I have found out that energetically cleaning myself out, can help whit migraines.
It will not work always, but it could help something.
It is not a solution, but sometimes we can have migraines because of negative energy that is messing around whit you in where you are getting a migraine.
In case you have a solid migraine that will not go away, please visit you’re doctor.
There could be something wrong whit you’re body.
But when you clean you’re head out, you are removing some waste out you’re body.

You don’t need a fixet place fore this because you can do this everywhere and even on the toilet.
Pick a place in where you are not Gonne be disturb and most of the time you are done in about 2 minutes.
In the beginning it can take about 5 minutes because you are still learning, but within a few days you will notis that you need less time fore it.
Always follow you’re feeling but don’t be afraid when some negative energy is left behind because some assholes are just to strong.
A good stone that can support you is Snowflake Obsidian.
Take 2 flat disks of Snowflake Obsidian and put them on both side of you’re body in you’re pocket.
This will pull out the negative energy out of you’re body and will give you good support in cleaning yourself.
Fore the lady’s? Put them in you’re handbag or backpack.

Color Use.
The use of colors can help you to in this.
Black: This color is a mix of all the colors.
But it is a beautiful energy when something is messing whit you, so you can attack it back.
Fill the orb whit black energy (whit you’re fantasie and intension) and believe that you are new attaching the negative energy that is messing whit you.
Than throw away the orb like I told you before and know that the rest will be taken care of.
But feel what you have in you’re orb because it can happen that you have something positive in you’re orb.
Are you not share? Just put the interdimensional barrier around it and throw the orb away.
They will sort it out on the other side.

Baby blue and Babypink: These colors are very bad fore you when you are attack.
Try to avoid those colors when you are cleaning yourself.
I am talking about rooms whit those colors on the wall.
Do you love those colors? And you do wear them a lot? Well, lady’s love to cloth them self whit it and we are not going to adapt our wardrobe fore this.
But please try to avoid rooms whit those colors when you are cleaning yourself.
Those colors are really soft and good fore baby’s.
But there is a lot of power in hard-pink and hard-blue.
Underwear in those colors can help you really good in these situations.
But underwear in brown, white or black is great to…gray Can help to.
Powerful-red and technical blue (Ferrari-red and the color blue in technology) are good power-colors to boost you’re own powers.
Whit deep-purple you are given you’re hart extra power to make the orb more powerful.

Making yourself even more powerful.
How do you put more Umph in it?
This has to do whit muscle tone.
Do you want more spark whit it? Get angry and than clean yourself out.
You will feel that you have more power to remove stuff.
But you can not be that angry all the time…
What you can do is to tens up all you’re mussels and pull in extra energy via you’re feet.
Pull it up via you’re feet toward you’re hands.
also tens up you’re hands and fingers and you will feel more power in you’re hands.

Throwing the orb away angry.
This is no problem.
It can happen that you are so pist of when you are cleaning yourself that you will curse during the cleanup.
No problem and you can curse all you want.
This will be completely understood.
Its a good thing to be polite, but turning it into a saint is wrong business..We all get pist off from time to time.

Want to put even more power into it?
Think that noting can escape from this orb.
If you can hold it or not, it is a great workout fore you’re mind.
You will get stronger in time and you will learn in how to hold it together.

It was a lot and I hope this can help you.
Do you have any question? I don’t know everything but I have learned this from somebody else.
I will see what I can do fore you.
Just leave you’re question here under and I will try to answers them.

Cleaning you’re head between the bigger cleanups.
Between the big cleanups, it is a great thing to clean you’re head from time to time.
It is to hectically in the energy at the moment, so it is a good thing to clean you’re head between sessions.
You are easily to control via you’re brain to you need to take out the trash from time to time.
You can make a good routine of this and do this when you are sitting, doing you’re business, and clean yourself out at the same time.

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